Zegfest starts today!

Bleary-eyed, with a cup of tea to wake us up, the social media team for Zeg is gathering in Tbilisi.

Today we kick off the first ever Zeg festival in Georgia and are super excited for the amazing line up of speakers, including journalists, film-makers and even professional perfumers, from around the world.

From panel shows to workshops, the next few days are going to be a hubbub of great talks and exciting opportunities, right in the heart of Tbilisi - with a little wine and katchapuri on the side!

Here at the Zeg social media team, we’re ready to bring you the latest events and fun from our amazing festival. We’ll have interviews, live videos and the very best behind the scenes previews as we learn about story telling through perfume, films, writing and much more.

We'll have live blogs running throughout the festival, bringing you the latest fun and events from Georgia. You can find our blog here.

To keep up to date on all of our coverage, follow us on Twitter @TblisiZeg, on Facebook @tbilisistorytelling and Instagram, Zegfest. Don't forget to follow our hashtag #zegfest and get involved in the conversation.

See you soon!

Kira Taylor