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Saad Mohseni MOBY Group

Saad Mohseni

MOBY Group

Saad Mohseni, co-founder and Chairman of MOBY Group, has brought top tier news and media content to emerging and frontier markets over the past two decades.

Named an Asia Game Changer by the Asia Society “for bringing news, information and entertainment to a barren landscape,” Mr. Mohseni launched his first network in Afghanistan in 2002, and has developed MOBY Group into one of the fastest growing diversified media companies in South and Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In 2012, 21st Century Fox became a strategic minority shareholder in the Group for 7 years. The Mohseni family assumed full control of MOBY Group following Disney’s acquisition of Fox.

MOBY Group has received several awards in recognition of its quality content and its activities span radio and TV broadcast, digital and online, creative solutions and strategic communications.

Awards for Mr. Mohseni include Time magazine’s 2011 ranking of “100 most influential people in the world”, Foreign Policy’s 2013 “100 Global Thinkers” and the Business Insider’s 2016 “100 Creators List”. The work his news and television networks have done in Afghanistan for empowering civil society and defending women’s rights earned him a place in the BBC’s 2015 ranking of the “10 Men Globally Championing Gender Equality”.

Mr. Mohseni serves on the Advisory Board of the International Crisis Group and is a member of the International Advisor Council for the Middle East Institute (MEI). He spent 2 years on the board of the International Center for Journalists.
Jon Lee Anderson The New Yorker

Jon Lee Anderson

The New Yorker

Jon Lee Anderson is an internationally recognised journalist, author, and war correspondent. He began his reporting career in the early 1980s, chronicling Central America’s civil wars for TIME magazine and other journals. As a New Yorker staff writer since 1998, he has covered numerous international conflicts, including those in Syria, Ukraine, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Angola, Mali, Liberia, and Central African Republic. Anderson’s work has also appeared The New York Times, Harper’s, El Pais, Internazionale, The Financial Times, and other publications.

Jon Lee has also written about well-known contemporary figures, such as Gabriel García Márquez, Hugo Chávez, Fidel Castro, Augusto Pinochet, Spain’s King Juan Carlos, and Saddam Hussein. He is the author of Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life, Guerrillas: Journeys in the Insurgent World, The Fall of Baghdad, and several other books. He has won a number of awards and distinctions, including several from the Overseas Press Club, as well as the Maria Moors Cabot Gold Medal for his reporting on Latin America

Jon Lee is on a number of journalism award juries, including the Swiss-based True Story Award, the Michael Jacobs Travel Writing Fund, and as a member of the board of directors of the Fundación Gabo (formerly New Journalism Foundation), founded by Gabriel García Márquez, he helps choose winners for the annual Premios Gabo. Once a year, he gives workshops to young Latin American reporters.
Jane Lytvynenko Harvard University

Jane Lytvynenko

Harvard University

Jane Lytvynenko is widely recognized as an industry leader in disinformation research and reporting. She is a freelance reporter. Previously, she was a senior research fellow with the Tech and Social Change project at Harvard Kennedy School's Shorenstein Center. There, she helped shape research for the Media Manipulation Casebook and train newsrooms and academics in investigating online disinformation. Previously, she spent nearly five years at BuzzFeed News where she was a senior reporter on the technology team. At BuzzFeed, she focused on the rise of conspiracy theories, hyperpartisan news, cryptocurrency scams, and extremism globally. During breaking news situations, Jane brought swift and accessible debunks to global audiences across mediums, including video, print, and social media. Her byline has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, the Atlantic, MIT Tech Review, and others. 

Her investigative work has uncovered a secretive extremist organization operating in the US, disinformation network operators who manipulate social media on behalf of state actors, and online hucksters seeking to scam people out of their livelihoods. Presently, her journalism is focused on the war on Ukraine. 

Jane has also shown how the online world can impact people offline and how politicians frequently profit from the disinformation environment. In 2020, Jane won the prestigious Emerging Excellence award. The Digital Publishing Award jury called her “a global leader in debunking disinformation” and noted her for the “impact on global media and ability to lead and train others in this important field.” 
Anna Neistat Clooney Foundation for Justice

Anna Neistat

Clooney Foundation for Justice

Dr. Anna Neistat leads The Docket – an initiative at the Clooney Foundation for Justice, focused on accountability for perpetrators and enablers of international crimes. Anya leads CFJ’s work on Ukraine, focused on investigating and seeking accountability for war crimes committed in the country.

Neistat has been involved in international human rights work for more than two decades. Before joining CFJ, she was Amnesty International’s Senior Director for Research, responsible for leading the organization’s global research agenda and crisis response.    

Previously, Neistat worked as associate director for Program and Emergencies at Human Rights Watch. She led fact-finding missions in conflict areas and was responsible for developing investigative methodology and training. Neistat has conducted over 60 investigations in conflict areas around the world, including Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Kenya, Yemen, Chechnya, Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan.    

Neistat is the Chair of the Board at Crisis Action, an international organization working with global civil society to protect civilians from armed conflict. She holds an LL.M. degree from Harvard Law School, a J.D. and Ph.D. in law, and an M.S. in history and philology. She has authored numerous reports and opinion pieces, and regularly contributes to legal and human rights debates in academic and policy institutions. Neistat’s work has been profiled in the media and in the award-winning documentary, E-team.
Natalie Sedletska Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Ukrainian Service

Natalie Sedletska

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Ukrainian Service

Natalie Sedletska is a Kyiv-based investigative reporter and managing editor of the «Schemes» - an investigative project of the RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service, established after the Revolution of Dignity in 2014. The «Schemes» team led by Natalie is known for exposing high-level political corruption, abuse of power by Ukrainian authorities, and hidden Russian influence on Ukrainian politics and economics.

In 2021 Natalie was recognized for her reporting and received the Transatlantic Leadership Network's inaugural "Freedom of the Media" award. In 2019 Sedletska was selected for the Draper Hills Summer Fellows Program at Stanford's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law. In 2017 she was awarded the "Light of Justice" Award for "Moral and Spiritual Leadership in Ukraine". In 2015 Natalie went undercover as part of a British Channel 4 television documentary, "From Russia With Cash". The film became an important element of the recent anti-money laundering campaign in the UK. In 2014 Natalie also participated as an investigator in the YanukovychLeaks project - when a group of journalists and volunteers rescued from a lake, dried and analyzed 200 folders of documents that shed light on the scale of corruption of Ukrainian ex-president Viktor Yanukovych, who fled to Russia in the result of Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine. The project was awarded the Global Shining Light Award in Norway in 2015 - an international award in the field of investigative journalism. In 2013-2014, Sedletska was a Vaclav Havel Fellow through a joint program of RFE/RL and the Czech Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.